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Yes, we are back! You may have noticed we took a little break from our news and updates for a few weeks. But we have not been idly watching the wildlife go by, tempting as it is. To the contrary, we have been updating the whole website. It now boasts the most amazing and incredible images that our guests have shared with us and inspired us to show more!

All the tech-wizards out there, who know about the demands of SEO, clicks and ‘likes’ and the need to keep our potential self-drive enthusiasts interested, understand it’s always good to ensure a website is fresh and vibrant. Inspired by our guests it is now bursting with the latest photos of the parks; their flora and fauna. Our business, our passion, is all about sharing the wonders of the African wildlife with the world. What better way to this than to involve the very people who have had those experiences already by further incorporating their incredible images and fabulous tales of adventure. Have a look around the site to see what we mean…

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