So before we start let’s get this clear, yes you can do self drive safaris in Tanzania despite what you may have read on some other dubious pages. If you follow some common sense and guidance from a good outfitter, you will have an adventure you will remember forever. We have been running this self drive business in Tanzania now for 12 years so if anyone tells you cannot do it, tell them about Shaw safaris ltd
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Can we drive ourselves in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater?

Of course  you can.. Inside the park you will be driving on dirt roads, the condition of which depends on the season and can be challenging when very wet. Usually they are very, very dusty. They can also be very badly corrugated in places so you should always drive according to the conditions and your capability. Always safe and slow as this way you save your car, save yourself a potential long wait while your car is being fixed and plus you will see far more.

Will we get lost?

There is no reason you should get lost as you will be given a GPS ,paper maps and we advise you to download one of the many travel navigation apps for your phones. The road signs  are often knocked over by our big friends (elephant,buffaloe etc etc) so you will have to pay attention!! Do not go too fast !!! You can easily miss a turn as it could be covered in long grass or a sign may be missing . But you will  soon learn ,slow is best on all levels.

Will we need a guide?

If you want a guide then that’s not self drive and you’re missing the point. If you follow the advice and tips you will be given on your briefing before you leave you, stand a very good chance of seeing possibly even more than if you were in a safari car with 10 other people all making a noise. Often you have the sighting to yourself  or at least until other cars see you and wonder what you’re looking at!! By then you can choose to move on before the crowds turn up as they will almost certainly want to call their friends on their radios to tell them that they have found something of interest. Rather than rushing around the parks trying to see everything, take some time out, sit in camp and you will be amazed as to what will come to you. These are often the most magical experiences.

Always share your sightings that way other drivers will  help you.

Is it safe ?

The road conditions vary from very good to very bad so it’s up to you to drive  responsibly, abide by the speed limit and adapt to the conditions you encounter. This way you will have the adventure of a lifetime.

From a security point of view Tanzania is a very safe place  and full of wonderful people. As in any city anywhere in the world, you should be careful and follow good travel practices. Always be discreet and never drive after dark (see driving at night) Shaw safaris cars are equipped with a variety of security measures for your peace of mind  ( which are explained during your briefing). Some of the other drivers  do not drive very well and you will see some crazy maneuvers,  so drive slowly and carefully follow the speed limits and you will be able to avoid any problems  If you are going too fast ,good luck!!

Organizing a self drive safari

At shaw safaris we want to make this as easy as possible ,so that you can get the most from your safari. We will arrange everything from the itinerary, the campsites, the permits and of course all of the equipment. With our experience we can build you a personalised safari tailor made to your interests ,time and budget and an adventure you will never forget.

Always check with a operator what you are paying for and getting many companies  have hidden costs ( for example if you want a fridge they will charge extra ) at Shaw safaris there is one price to cover all