If youre planning on serving a variety of different dishes, you wont need as much meat per person as you would if it was the main dish. A rack of ribs contains about 12 individual ribs. However, the bones in ribs represent as much as 66% of the proteins weight. 2 hours Our calculator will help you with this in three easy steps: First, enter the number of adults and children that will be eating. That is also enough for two sandwiches if you choose to go that route. Similar practices of grilling food can be found all over the world. A safe estimate is $15-25 per person, with a minimum headcount of 100 eaters for every 2 hours of catering. The total amount of food you need to buy, based on the number of guests and hunger level. Bacon only yields about 30% meat after cooking. A Dinner Party Calculator That Estimates How Much Food You Need To Keep Your Guests Full & Happy. Ready made patties are convenient, but they will cost a little more than ground beef. 17 hours And, if you serve more than one type of meat, divide the portion size by the number of meats. On average the minimum cost for BBQ catering is $1,500-$2,500. Enter the humble electric smoker. The average yield of a cooked steak is about 60-70%, so if youre splitting up your steak, its important to take that into consideration before you purchase your BBQ meat. Will there be alcohol? If your estimates are off, you either will have a lot of leftovers or some very unhappy guests who didnt get a chance to eat. "Barbacoa" first appeared in print in 1526, and the rest is history. What kind of gathering is it? For example, if youre serving BBQ chicken, ribs, and sausage, you wont need to make as much as if you were just serving chicken, because people will likely want to try a little bit of each type of meat, rather than filling up on just one. Steak can be cooked in a variety of ways, but the most popular method is to grill it over high heat. of cooked meat per adult and 4 oz. While Sous Vide on its own can create amazingly juicy meat, adding a grill or smoker to the process can create extraordinary results. Now that you know how to calculate how much BBQ meat youll need per person, its time to decide what types of meat you want to serve. The average yield of cooked chicken is about 70% of its raw weight, so if youre looking to serve four ounces of cooked chicken per person, youll need to start with at least six ounces of raw chicken for each guest. Home | Otherwise, you wont have enough meat on hand for your guests at serving time. Send us a Message More Wedding Tips on our Blog Chicken is a lean option thats perfect for those who are looking to eat a bit healthier. Smaller grill staples like hot dogs, ribs, chicken legs and thighs each run 1 1/2 to 4 ounces each, allowing for more variety on your guests' plates. Either pre-grill the hamburgers an hour before guests arrive and store them inside a covered aluminum pan (with a little moisture) in an oven on low heat until serving time. Select the styles of chicken you want to be catered and Lee's Catering Estimator will give you the amount of chicken needed to serve them! How to Smoke a Turkey in an Electric Smoker: Easy Masterbuilt Turkey, Why You Should Add Sous Vide to Your Bbq Tool Kit, The 9 Best Lump Charcoal Brands for Smoking & Grilling in 2023, Aaron Franklin Barbecue MasterClass Review, Smoking Times and Temperatures Chart: Free Printable Download, Smoking Your First Brisket Advice From Aaron Franklin, 42 Best Smoker Recipes To Try: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken + More. This will give each person a nice, hearty portion of brisket thats packed with flavor. The first question you need to ask yourself is this: Is meat going to make up the entire meal? Will you be serving other food items besides meat? Now that you know how much BBQ meat to plan for per person, youre ready to throw the perfect BBQ. Do you have any handy suggestions for feeding a crowd that you would like to share? Waste Free Kitchen Handbook by Dana Gunders, 2015. Its an exciting proposition for any barbecue enthusiasts to learn from the James Beard Award-winning chef and owner of FranklinBBQ. Whether its a large bash or a family summer gathering, The BBQ Planner will calculate the exact quantities, plan your menu and budget according number of guests. of meat per child. However, guests preferences as well as appetite can vary greatly so you may have too much of one item and not enough of another. 12 hours Hot dogs are a staple at most American BBQs, and for good reason. For instance, baby back ribs are smaller than spare ribs, which are smaller than beef back ribs. Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina - 770-886-2540. As a result, your guests will eat less. I cant think of the last time I attended a barbecue where burgers and hot dogs werent on the menu. Smoking your turkey frees up your, The Sous Vide method used to be a secret reserved for professional chefs but thanks to the explosion in consumer products the cooking method has become widespread. 23 hours The BBQ Planner will do the work youll have the fun with $$$ leftover.! 19.5 hours Heavy sides will certainly decrease the amount of meat your guests eat. This amount may vary between pound if your guests are big eaters or you dont have many sides, to pound if your sides are generous. Take a look at the perfect Christmas tree formula prepared by math professors and improved by physicists. 23.5 hours Best Barbecue Sauce You Can Buy Online A Review of the Top 11, Make sure you have adequate space for cooking, serving and eating, Prep the meat (rubs, marinades, injections) and sides the day before and refrigerate, Check the forecast. 16.5 hours Brisket yields about 60% meat after cooking. A best practice is to use a meat thermometer. When its time to eat, turn the grill on high heat and flash grill the burgers; you can whip up a lot of burgers in short order and your guests can still enjoy the aroma of grilled hamburgers. Adult meat per person amounts are provided in the following sections for some barbecue favorites. You may use the BBQ grill size calculator to check whether your grill is big enough for the number of people you invited! For leaner cuts like pork tenderloin, plan for about a half-pound per person. If you are planning on making the ribs the main part of your meal, here is a rough guide: We have a guide on how many ribs in a rack to help you calculate how many racks youll need to buy. For a meat-only spread, you should increase your quantities by at least 50% to ensure you will have enough. How much meat you will need is always based on the weight of cooked meat. This most likely references the average eater; not a big eater with a hearty appetite, or a small child. This will cover you if you have an uninvited guest or two pop up. Here are a few more useful suggestions when planning your upcoming event: Get busy trimming your meat, preparing sides that can be stored safely overnight, and preparing and applying rubs and marinades. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright 2023 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, BBQ, Grill events partly planner and tips, BBQ marinades the best tips for best marinades, 10 Amazing BBQ Party ideas (Its Summertime Again!). The last thing to think about is how much fat you want in your meat. Why not more? Integrity: Meadow Creek cookers are made in a culture of Godly ethics?honesty, diligence, and fairness. Gas vs Charcoal Grills Which is right for you? Some of the most popular options include: Keep reading to learn more about these different types of meat, their average yield after cooking them, and anything youll need to take into consideration while deciding how much BBQ meat youll need depending on the type of meat youre using. Formal or informal? Many of these dishes also work great for a pot luck dinner. In addition to lots of fun, a typical barbecue consists of meat, sides,desserts, and drinks. These are all questions you need to keep in mind. Or any questions we havent covered? Choose the model that fits your presentation, cooking style, menu, and crowd size goals. The best option to bring to a BBQ is salad: Addiction calculator tells you how much shorter your life would be if you were addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, or heroin. . You'll get suggested Duck legs and thighs, however, can be cooked to 165 to break down the connective tissues to make them more tender. Policies | Duration Please come back and leave feedback after your event on how the Backyard BBQ Party Calculator worked for you! hours, By subscribing you agree to our BBQ Calculator Knowing the Proper Internal Temperature to Cook Meat is Important Welcome to the GRILLGIRL Grilling and BBQ Calculator! Bacon, Pimento Cheese and Jalapeo Burgers, PLUS: a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Conduct Market Research and Feasibility Studies. The average yield of cooked ribs is about 40% of their raw weight. This amount may vary between pound if your guests are big eaters or you don't have many sides, to pound if your sides are generous. Look at your guest list. The calculator will provide an estimate of items needed based on standard serving sizes. A good rule of thumb is to have 8 oz. It is best to consider the entire meal when determining how much meat per person you need. Are some of your guests vegetarians? When planning, calculate the number of racks you need to buy. You can even print out the results. You can even print out the results. Planing a family bbq you must use this site! With ground beef, the amount youll need really depends on what youre making. The talented craftsmen at Meadow Creek hand-make each unit. Once you know what the overall dinner menu will be and how much food youll need, its easy to ask attendees to bring specific items. Who is coming? One pound (16 ounces) of 80/20 raw ground beef, after grilling, will equal 12 ounces of cooked ground beef (3 burgers), so each raw ground beef patty should weigh approximately 5 1/3 ounces before cooking. Copyright 2011 New Creation Designs. You can easily adjust the crowd size, number of meats and sides, your actual costs, and more. Be prepared to protect yourself and your guests from bad weather. Please come back and leave feedback after your event on how the Backyard BBQ Party Calculator worked for you! Think in terms of 1 pounds of food per person as a starting place. 20 hours Welcome to the GRILLGIRL Grilling and BBQ Calculator! An adult side is enough for two children under 12. Total budget a rough estimation of how much you will spend, based on the average price of. Leave the probe in the meat and let the wire dangle out so you can check on the internal temp from time to time, making sure it stays in the safe temperature zone. 13.5 hours Use our. Your guests will load up on them first and take less of the meat. That way, if the meat takes longer to cook than you expected, you will still be on time. Lump charcoal is made from, In his new 16 part MasterClass, Aaron Franklin promises to teach you exactly how he would train a staff member at FranklinBBQ.

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