News Phil Robertson Considered Confronting Drive-By Shooter at Son Willie's House. Korie, 46, who is married to Willie, 48, thanked fans for their prayers and said the family was 'safe and sound and feeling profoundly grateful for God's protection over us! I dont know who lives in Hakims house now, but it aint the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty. Willie also has a beautiful ranch property that appeared in the episode of "Duck Dynasty" where John Luke and Mary Kate were married. 1:22 PM on Nov 8, 2019 CST. Market data provided by Factset. That's about five years before the Robertsons hit the big time with "Duck Dynasty.". But two months later, Willie's daughter Sadie Robertson Huff, 23, gave a tour of the massive property, which she called 'probably my favorite place in the world,' in a segment called My Happy Place forThe Today Show. Sadie also showed off her Bronco aka 'Delilah' with red interiors - which she got as a surprise from her dad for a high school graduation present; she said that her and Christian on dates in the car, he proposed outside of and it was used in the wedding with 'Just Married' painted on the back window. That shouldn't surprise fans of the show, where one of the running jokes was Phil buying his clothes at the local Walmart and that he doesn'tdo the whole technology thing. Willie and his family features on the A&E's reality television series, "Duck Dynasty." The Robertson family founded the company Duck Commander, Inc., which manufacture a variety of hunting products like . Robertson, who had just left to go to the store before the shooting, said his family was "pretty shook up" after one bullet flew through the bedroom window of a home where his son John Luke. Guests on the Robertsons' show engage in outdoor activities like four-wheeling and chopping wood. She said 'it really greets you quite well' as you enter her room. See Also: Most Popular Celebrity Homes on As of now, the couple is busy with their family restaurant known as the Duck's Diner. Swedish House Mafia 1 100/1 100. Up until earlier this year, he also made money from starring in the popular A&E reality series, Duck Dynasty. His wife, Our website features a range of articles on various topics related to Canada, including its history, culture, geography, and more. My brother's house is right there [pointing in the other direction]. We will share more about it in our vlog soon. It's been four years since "Duck Dynasty" ended its notable run in 2017, but Willie hasn't been idle during that time. So we couldnt go home. Sadie added: "Then as we were on our way home from ATL we got a call that we have a couple of rats invading our home and those little guys are doing some work. They are all grown up, and some of them . The neighboring homes belong to many of his family members, creating the nickname for their street to be called Robertson Row. Also in the bathroom is this custom-made double walk-in shower, which features deer head furnishings and two large rain showerheads. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below. News When asked by a local NBC affiliate at the time if he would ever run for office himself, Robertson replied with a noncommittal, "I don't make plans.". The massive home has five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms over, square feet of space. You see everything, you see everyone and then you're one step away from the kitchen table', Dining room:The living room was next to the dining room and kitchen, which were open to view - with only several columns in between each spacious area, Moving on to the dining room, which Sadie called 'the heart of this home is our kitchen table,' explaining: 'The Robertson family, my dad's family and my mom's family really comes around dinner time. This blog will dive into some intriguing and [], Canada Post Submissions If you have an interest in Canada and want to share your insights and experiences with others, consider submitting your guest posts and articles to Urban Splatter. The kitchen has a very large kitchen island ideal for cooking (and possibly even butchering), while the exposed wood beams complete the rustic farmhouse look. The master bathroom features a gigantic freestanding copper tub that's so big, it required two steps. Print. The 6,400-square-foot home has six bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms . We have been resting on Psalm 91 and each others gratitude for all being okay thank you for your prayers.". We're not sure why Sadie and Christian opted to have their wedding on a transformed tennis court when this was available. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about Willie Robertsons home. Home sits on the property with a value of $109,200. This Instagram was posted by Missy Robertson, wife of Jase Robertson. Duck Family Treasure will star brothers Jase and Jep Robertson and include the return of their uncle Si Robertson, searching for buried treasure with history expert Murry Crowe. Christ died for our sins, just as the Scriptures said. "They're also a little reminder to make sure that God is at the forefront and the foundation of everything we do. The two came across this property and were instantly taken with the plantation and bought it immediately. We wonder if this place comes furnished, because Jessica certainly poured a lot of money into the home's furnishings. This is a post-renovation photo of the business. The before photo is on top, and the after is on the bottom. Paper plates to hold dinner and a moderately sized television in the background of a house stuffed with vintage nicknacks. estimates its value at nearly $220,000, but that's not including the additional acres or whatever other structures he owns. The master closet has a ton of space, too. Willie's Restaurant. The massive gated property features a large lake with greenery surrounding the mansion, as well as a tennis court. The home includes a stainless steel double-oven stove with seven burners. This beautiful single family home with an attached garage was built in 2015. "This is probably the most comfortable spot in the house," Sadie told "Today" in 2020. It's stationed right outside the Family Business Beer Company, which is owned by "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles. But how do these two stars in notably different circles know each other? But as he and wife Korie embark on a new chapter of their lives via their new Facebook Watch. "Every old house has to have a ghost, so Logtown has Roland," the Robertsons wrote on the Logtown Plantation website. As TMZ reported, King who previously admitted his guilt to police alleges that the Robertsons made claims that were "calculated, false and ultimately defamatory" and designed to damage his reputation. All rights reserved. Solving The Puzzle: Fun And Challenging Activities To Do With Kids. The father of fours youngest son Jep, 43, moved from Louisiana to Texas in 2017 with his wife Jessica, 41, and their five children to launch their food truck Jeps Southern Roots. More Virtual Globetrotting 959 followers More information Willie Robertson's House (Duck Dynasty) (Google Maps) John Luke Robertson Korie Robertson Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Family Miss Kays West Monroe Duck Commander It also appears that Phil hosts his biblical podcast, "Unashamed With Phil Robertson" in this house. Sadie wed Christian Huff, a 22-year-old college student, In November 2019. And a little over a mile into the canyon are the ruins of the Paul Williams' Roberts Ranch House, built in 1952 for Fred Roberts, a supermarket magnate who founded Roberts Public Market.The Paul R . Willie Robertson, CEO of the dynasty in question, shocked fans when he cut off his own iconic long hair last year but is now revealing the reason behind the change. Since then, the duo have branched out and launched an empire of their own. Also, note the Larry Bird jersey on the wall. The living room has 20-foot-high vaulted ceilings. Market data provided by Factset. Home sits on the property with a value of $109,200. The 2,468 square-foot home was built in 1960. Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander, the multimilliondollar duck call and decoy enterprise that inspired the A&E show, which shined a spotlight on the small north Louisiana town.. Please leave the names of other celebrities that you would like to see on here. Sadie now lives with her husband, Christian Huff, after moving out. DUCK Dynasty star Phil and Kay Robertson own a seven-acre Louisiana compound featuring two mansions and views of the river. Thankful to be healthy now. Notice the large brickwork siding and the tall, heavy front door with iron handle. The author, who called it a 'most peaceful, beautiful home,' also took viewers to her room even though she doesn't live here anymore, but does visit a lot with her husband Christian Huff. Willie's net worth is estimated to be $40 million. Lord, help us to consider it joy! As of 2020, the net worth of Willie Robertson is estimated to have $40 million. So have the stars of "Duck Dynasty" bought mansions with their millions, or are they sticking to their self-proclaimed "redneck" roots in West Monroe, Louisiana? "I passed on to you what was MOST IMPORTANT and what had also been passed on to me. Jase was looking for land to hunt (of course), and Missy was looking for a place to build a barn as a wedding venue. Makeup-free Gisele Bndchen cooks up a VERY healthy meal for Reese Witherspoon enjoys a very animated chat with her Viola Davis posts gushing tribute to husband Julius Tennon Emily Ratajkowski the blonde bombshell! Duck Dynasty 's Robertson clan has become Lousiana's de facto first family. The bakery serves sweets like brownies, carmelitas, cookies, pralines and pies. The Robertsons put the house up for sale at $1.4 million in November 2017. According to Radar Online, they dropped $50,000 for a 21.5-acre plot of land by the Ouchita River in 2013. There's a whole lot more space. Though Willie was not present at the time, his family was at home during the event. More recently, he and his wife Korie launched a Facebook Watch show in April 2021. He's now seeking damages from the Robertsons, Willie Robertson'sDuck Commander business as well as the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office. The Robertson family patriarch grew up in poverty, but became a multimillionaire with the success of Duck Commander and "Duck Dynasty.". Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander, the multimilliondollar duck call and decoy enterprise that inspired the A&E show, whichshined a spotlighton the small north Louisiana town. Check out our Shows Duck Dynasty and Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour and. Aimee Mann 0 100/1 . Willie is the third son of Phil and Miss Kay, and CEO of Duck Commander. They were unable to offload the Robertson Row house, which they spent a lot of time and money renovating, despite substantially lowering the price. What a lovely place to live. My brother's house is right there [pointing in the other direction]. He and Kay live here with their two terriers (who are really good at killing snakes). Finally, read some other articles like this one on our frontpage. There's no indication on the last time it was sold. He and his wife, Kay, may have been living here for many years. They bought a one-acre parcel of land in June 2006 for $130,000. Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander, a company that manufactures top-of-the-line duck calls, and the star of Duck Dynasty, one of America's most highly rated shows. This looks like a fantastic place to take a mid-day soak. Prior to the end of "Duck Dynasty," Willie entered the political sphere and championed then-candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election. What a lovely place to live. Phil was fired from Duck Dynasty in 2013 because of homophobic comments. She wrote on Instagram: "Tbh the start to this year has been quite interesting! Maybe they just wanted to be different, or had much fewer guests. You see everything, you see everyone and then you're one step away from the kitchen table.'. Robertson has long been known as the burly guy with long hair and the long beard on Duck Dynasty. Sadie Robertson's mansion is in West Monroe, Louisiana Sadie Robertson's gorgeous mansion is situated in West Monroe, Louisiana, according to a home tour she did . Reps for the Robertsons did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment. Logtown Plantation has four different bedrooms, with rates that range from $250 to $425 a night. In this video, they're making healthy shepherd's pie. Willie and Korie reflected on the phenomenon in March 2017. This property is located in the backwoods of Monroe, right on the Ouchita River. The quote is from Willie, from their very first episode. The wine cooler looks like a good place to stock some vintage Duck Commander wine, if you can find some. And the Robertsons pray before every meal. Temptations will be skyrocketed [], Puzzles are an enjoyable and educational way to engage kids in their development. Not surprisingly, patriarch Phil Robertson struggled with substance abuse prior to the show's release. Jase and Missy Robertson invested in a historic plantation in Monroe and turned it into a bed-and-breakfast. It's not precisely known how much this thing cost, but she provided a link to a nearly identical tub that sells for $2,750. This picture is from Oak Weddings and Events, a wedding planning company based in Forest, Mississippi. This sitting area features a loveseat, couch, and reading chair. The kitchen has wood cabinets and tile floors. Duck Dynasty ran from 2012-2017. His father, Phil Robertson, was a star football quarterback at Louisiana Tech. "I made this request that we could get a really great tub, and this bathtub is amazing.". In addition to starring on Duck Dynasty, he's also appeared on Last Man Standing and provided a cameo in God's Not Dead. It, along with Buck . Authorities said no one was injured. Willie Robertson House. The premier of Duck Dynasty 's fourth season this year broke television records with 11.8 million viewers, making Duck Dynasty cable's most-watched nonfiction telecast in history. Currently, the couple attends Liberty University, where John Luke is studying Camping Outdoor and Adventure Leadership. The third son and CEO of Duck Commander, Willie, was the one who turned their small family business into a multi-million dollar empire. Willie Robertson works as the CEO of the company and is one of the most active members of the family in terms of the show. Secondly, Willie is the current CEO of Duck Commander and has narrated and starred alongside his family on the hit reality show about their company, ran from 2012-2017. Phil hunts and fishes off this land, catching and eating his own food. Maybe they'll make you an honorary member of their gigantic family. For Sadie's wedding, they transformed the tennis court into a wedding tent, complete with fake grass and hundreds of string lights. Willie Robertson's house in West Monroe, Louisiana. The small serving window has also been removed. In each episode, Willie, Korie, and their guests sit down to discuss challenging topics. The one seen here is for Mary Kate Robertson, who married into the family when she married Luke Robertson in 2015. CNN Korie and Willie Robertson have gotten candid about raising a biracial son. The 1.58-acre property is expensive, but a lot of love went into it. You keep walking you'll run into my grandma and then my great-grandma. Silas had a brief musical career after "Duck Dynasty" ended, but they're probably not being displayed for that reason. The former reality star, who gave mom Korie Robertson credit for designing it, kicked off the tour in the living room where she said is 'probably the most comfortable spot in the house for me. Robertson has expanded his family companies, from a living room operation to a multi-million-dollar enterprise and destination for all things outdoors. Updated on April 7, 2022. He is the CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander in West Monroe, Louisiana, and was Executive Producer of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" during its five-year run (2012-2017). Mallard was the first costumed crooner to reveal himself as "Duck Dynasty" reality TV Star Willie Robertson. The range hood has been masked in a singular piece of distressed wood, and the backsplash is manufactured stone veneer. Willie's house was shot at by some lunatic driving a truck and drinking vodka in May 2020. Email us atexclusive@the-sun.comor call212 416 4552. She showed barn doors that separated her room and Bella's, which they can open when they want to share their room or close it for privacy. Good and bad," he told Us Weekly exclusively at the time. The barn used as the primary wedding event space is 140 years old. The shows on-location shooting inside familiar donut shops and bowling alleys is undoubtedly odd (to me). Plus, you'll be close to the Robertsons. When the season is right, there are dozens of flowers in bloom, including pink naked ladies, red spider lilies, tiger lilies, camellias, paperwhites and daffodils. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about Willie Robertsons home. He is best known for his appearances on the reality TV series Duck Dynasty on A&E, and is the current CEO of the company Duck Commander.Robertson lives in West Monroe, Louisiana with his wife Korie and his children: John Luke, Sadie, Will, Rowdy, Bella, and Rebecca. Sadie doesn't live in the house anymore, but her old bedroom is upstairs. The clan, headed by patriarch Phil and his brother Si, became more known for their long beards, bandanas, and conservative views (which often led to media controversies) than the family's lucrative duck hunting accessories business. She has a large sign over desk that reads 'KIND' which is something that she said her mom always prayed over them - that they would be strong and kind. In 2013, Willie and Korie Robertson were invited to the White House Correspondents' dinner. This is a "before" photo of the interior, taken around 2017, before it was remodeled. His father was a football quarterback at Louisiana Tech University. Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander. They have a lot of kids to feed! You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! Secondly, Willie is the current CEO of Duck Commander and has narrated and starred alongside his family on the hit reality show about their company, Duck Dynasty on A&E. The company's principal address is . In April, a man named Daniel King Jr was booked on a charge of aggravated assault by a drive-by shooting after two homes on Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson's West Monroe, Louisiana estate were struck by gunfire. That chandelier made of antlers is cool, too. We get a good look at the stately wooden staircase with iron railings. It served traditional Southern-style comfort food, like fried chicken, fried catfish, meatloaf and various burgers. Fox News Flash top entertainment headlines for April 24, charged withaggravated assault by drive-by shooting, Rebel Wilson says Meghan Markle wasn't as 'naturally warm' as Prince Harry in meeting, Kelly Osbourne shares first glimpse of infant son in photo with 'Uncle Jack', Prince Harry addresses 'Spare' backlash in interview: 'I have never looked for sympathy in this', Shania Twain was 'uncontrollably fragile' from ex Mutt Lange's affair with friend: 'How could I be so stupid', Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe reveals 'promise' she made to mother before her death, Emma Stones 'And' co-star Willem Dafoe had her slap him 20 times to get scene right. The couple, made famous by the hit A& E reality series "Duck Dynasty," had a frank conversation about race on. Ive written before about my relationship with the reality TV show and the rednecks that inhabit it their label for themselves, not mine. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below. In this shot, groomsmen make their way upstairs to get ready for the big day. There's a neat little children's room upstairs that has been decorated with a small desk and bed. Three members of the Robertson family received protective orders against the man soon after the incident. I love this backyard, it's really fun because my whole family lives around her so my sister's house is literally right there. Its disgusting and we are exhausted from getting over sickness and being out of our home. His spirit is truly living within us! written by Clayton Edwards February 16, 2021 5:35 pm. Willie, however, remained mostly steadfast in opposing the form of protests. The oldest of Willie and Korie's biological children, 24-year-old John Luke grew up on Duck Dynasty. Their bathroom featured black and white painted walls with a bathtub as well as two sinks for her and Bella; there is also a chalkboard and a quote artwork as well. Willies gorgeous gated home is located in the Claiborne neighborhood in West Monroe, LA. Speaking with USA Today Network (opens in new tab), Willie Robertson brought up the fact that . 'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson talks teaming up with American-made outdoor apparel brand FORLOH Ashley Hume, Larry Fink 12/26/2022 I stayed in the cheapest, smallest cabin on one of Royal . ', 'The foundation of everything my family does is our faith and literally the foundation of the floor has that incorporated.'. In the lawsuit, King accuses Willieand John Robertson of making defamatory statements about him that were intended to diminish his reputation, the report states. The counter is small, and there doesn't seem to be enough room to show off all the goods. 12,887 talking about this. Willie Robertson of the television show Duck Dynasty and his wife Korie Robertson wait for U.S. President Barack Obama to deliver the State of the. According to TMZ, the criminal cdase is ongoing. Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander, best known for appearing on the reality TV series Duck Dynasty on A&E. Biography He was born on April 22, 1972, in Bernice, Louisiana, USA, as Willie Jess Robertson. All changes were made with their kids and family in mind, so they expanded where they saw fit. Korie and Willie's house is part of a compound that the Robertsons own. When "Duck Dynasty" debuted on A&E in 2012, the Robertson family became an overnight pop culture phenomenon. The local elementary school, George Welch Elementary School, has an amazing rating of 8/10, perfect for raising children. I have 2 companies, Duck Commander and Buck Commander. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. During the conversation, Korie sought to understand the motivations behind the protest. Unexpected development: Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, 48, is being sued for defamation by Daniel Dean King, who allegedly fired a gun at his home in April 2020, TMZ reports; seen in 2016. 46K views, 772 likes, 17 loves, 307 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Lisa Robertson: First project in the new house and I haven't even moved in yet! But on occasion, my husband does and since we have just one television, that means then, on occasion, I also watch the show. This beautiful single family home with an attached garage was built in 2015. This couch is like everything,' as she showed the enormous L-shaped sofa. The 4,052 Square Feet single family home is a 4 beds, 6 baths property. "I was outside at the time, but everybody had been out about five minutes before," Robertson said. Missy designed the room with brides in mind, installing a dressing room mirror and extravagant fixtures to complement the big day. Technically, Jeb's food truck isn't real estate. "Although it was a beautiful southern traditional styled home, I really wanted to make it ours! "This couch is like everything. Sadie had art and photos of her with her family and husband, along with white cabinetry for her desk and storage; her bed featured mismatched black and white geometric night tables. Launched in 1960, the ranch offers communal meals, guided horseback rides and one, two and three-bedroom cabin suites. Phil and Kay purchased three additional parcels of vacant land surrounding the homes. You can reach her at The counter has been greatly expanded, and there is now a large pastry display case for all the baked goods. Sadie showed off the tennis court, which is actually the location of her wedding to Christian in November 2019; it was transformed to a garden paradise with lights above for her and her 650 guests. This home was built in 2015 and last sold on 2017-09-28 for $740,000. By Looper Staff / Updated: April 20, 2021 9:02 pm EST. A wider angle of this kitchen, captured from their new YouTube channel, showcases a large kitchen island with a big sink and marble countertops. They had no electricity or working toilet. Great family. This is one of the home's bathrooms, possibly the girls' bathroom. 1. Way back in 1998, thats where my bridal portraits were made. willie robertson ranch houseithaca high school lacrosse roster. Of course, I would expand this. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images) Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson and his pals Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean went on a big group hunt during the rut. This sun-lit area is decorated with plants and various familiar knickknacks. Their show, titled At home with the Robertsons, hosts different celebrities as well as friends of the couple, where they engage in open and honest dialogue about current events happening in the country. The Sun can exclusively reveal the former reality stars live on 7.1 acres of land. The. She added: 'Yes, the news reports are true, we had a drive-by shooting at our home on Friday, it was scary and dangerously close, but thanks to God no one was hurt AND today we got to participate in a drive-by birthday celebration! After two residences in West Monroe were hit by gunshots in April 2020, Daniel King Jr. was incarcerated. His support for Trump led to appearances on Fox News as well as an invitation to the White House during Trump's term. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. or redistributed. Willie Jess Robertson (born April 22, 1972) is an American TV personality, businessman, author and news contributor. "That's something my mom always prayed over us, that we would be strong and we would be kind," she said. Jessica wrote. A mural on one of the walls in the Duck Diner depicts many of the Robertson family. Witnesses told Ouachita Parish deputies that the second residence was also struck by gunfire. French Country Exterior Villa 417 Melba Cir, Franklin, TN 37064 is currently not for sale. We get a glimpse inside Phil and Kay's home from his Instagram (you'll see more on the show, of course). Eating breakfast here will be bright as long as the sun is shining, or cozy when it rains. Mary Kate and John Luke were married here in 2016. One of the breakout stars of the series was Willie Robertson, the third of Phil and Kay Robertson's five children. Scary incident:The house tour comes two months after Daniel King Jr., 38, was booked on a charge of aggravated assault by drive-by shooting after two homes were struck by gunfire on the West Monroe property belonging to Willie, Safe:King has since been ordered to stay at least 1000 feet away from Willie's 24-year-old son, John Luke Robertson, as well as John Luke's wife Mary Kate Robertson and their eight-month-old son John Shepherd, The News-Star reported.

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