Self Drive Safaris - Long Safari

Safari refu (Long Safari)

This trip is for the outbound/adventurous types. You camp for all of your trip, either in public or special campsites. Going back to nature and the basics will awaken your primeval spirit, making you instantly forget the fast paced, disposable world you have left behind. Nothing makes you feel more alive than being self-sufficient. Fridges are supplied with our vehicles, allowing you to stock up on local fresh fruits and vegetables bought at the market, then cooked over an open fire made by yourself. The fruits of your effort, taste and smell even better as you relax and become absorbed in your surroundings. Buying your own food and drink is, in itself, an experience not to be missed!

Self Drive Safaris - Long Safari
Self Drive Safaris - Forest
self drive 4x4 car hire Tanzania
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